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The TattooStar Combo is a q-switched multi-wavelength system for tattoo removal, incorporating both Nd:YAG and Ruby lasers, whose homogenous, flat-top beam penetrates deep into the treated skin. It boasts automatic spot size detection and fluence adaption. The device also features a pulse related energy measure at all wavelengths, and has an aiming beam incorporated into the handpiece for precision treatments.

The TattooStar Combo boasts a homogeneous spot profile at all sizes and power levels. It uses a patented microlens-array that provides a flat, uniform laser beam for optimum results and patient comfort every time. The TattooStar Combo delivers not only uniform, but square beam profiles, significantly improving coverage.
Square beam

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 Laser:  Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser, frequency doubled (Nd:YAG laser)
 Q-Switched Ruby laser [Ruby laser]
 Wavelength:  532 and 1064 nm (Nd:YAG laser)
 694 nm (Ruby laser)
 585 nm Dye handpiece (Nd:YAG laser)
 Pulse rate:  Max. 10 Hz (Nd:YAG laser)
 Max. 2 Hz (Ruby laser)
 Pulse duration:  Q-Switched-mode: approx. 8 ns (Nd:YAG laser)
 Free-running-mode: approx. 300 μs (Nd:YAG laser)
 Approx. 40 ns (Ruby laser)
 Fluence:  1064 nm: max. 37 J/cm²
 (Q- Switched max. 20 J/cm²)
 532 nm: max. 10 J/cm² (Nd:YAG laser)
 694 nm: max. 25 J/cm² (Ruby laser)
 585 nm: max. 5 J/cm² (Dye for Nd:YAG laser)
 Spot size:  2 – 2.5 – 4 – 5.5; optional 7 mm (free running)
 Laser class:  4


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Country of Origin: Germany

Better Patient
Broaden Your
Improved Efficacy
Flat top beam profile ensures fewer hot spots

Optimal clinical results at half the cost

Square spot improves coverage of the treated area by 30%
Four distinct wavelengths available for treatment of any colour ink

Delivers both Ruby and Nd:YAG wavelengths in the one device for a comprehensive range of treatment options
Adjustable exposure depth results in high degree of flexibility

The most homogeneous spot profiles on the market at all sizes and power levels


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