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Restore your sexuality in the privacy of your home.

  • Stronger, rejuvenated pelvic floor; reduction in bladder leakage; increased lubrication; less pelvic pain; greater self-confidence.
  • Collagen remodelling and muscle tightening
  • Comfortable, 10 minute, at-home treatment
  • Incorporate with laser treatment plan for enhanced results
  • Safer with better results than surgery and Kegel exercises
  • Combination of LED therapy (red + IR), gentle heat, therapeutic vibration
  • Stronger emotional connection with partner, improved sex life
  • See results after 3 months

Offer new and existing patients an alternative or complementary treatment to damaged pelvic floor issues. A treatment she can perform herself, in her own privacy, for only 10 minutes per day, three times per week, to enhance and maintain the results of your clinic’s laser procedures, or as a standalone procedure.

Treatments: Vaginal Laxity, Incontinence

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Medical Grade At-Home Treatment

vSculpt utilises 3 technologies to treat pelvic floor issues.

LED: Red and infrared wavelengths are emitted by the device to increase blood flow, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation, whilst also increasing collagen and elastin production. This results in less pelvic pain, and improved muscle and tissue tone.

Gentle Heat: To increase blood flow and improve circulation, allowing for more oxygen, proteins and nutrients to reach the vaginal muscles and tissue. Heat also tightens existing collagen fibres, produces new collagen and restores tissue elasticity.

Therapeutic Vibration: To tighten the pelvic floor muscles and increase muscle tone. Vibration also allows for light to better penetrate the skin, and induces a pleasurable experience leading to better results via a willingness to continue and extend treatment.

An ultra-concentrated, water-based gel with hyaluronic acid and aloe is also used in the treatment which allows for the light to have better penetration in the tissue, and helps to moisturise and protect tissue. The photonic gel can also act as a reoccurring revenue stream for your clinic.


Approximately 2 years; dependent on usage patterns

Battery Type

Lithium Ion 2200 mAh Capacity

Box Contents

vSculpt Therapeutic Device
USB Charging Cable
Travel Sachet
User Guide

Brand Description


Dimensions (W x D x H)

24 x 3.7 x 3.7cm

Number of Settings

3 Light Treatment Modes
6 Sonic Vibration Modes



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