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Improve sexual sensation and satisfaction in one pain free procedure

  • Single 30 minute treatment with no pain, no downtime
  • 90% success rate with results in 1 month, sustained vaginal tightening at 12 months
  • Safer than surgery, more effective than Kegel exercises
  • Deep RF heat, with integrated cooling for comfort
  • Significantly improves sexual satisfaction and sensation during intercourse

Provide the solution she will love.

Treatments: Vaginal Laxity, Sensation

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Address the number 1 concern following child birth

88% of women report increased vaginal laxity or change of physical sensation following vaginal child birth – an even bigger concern than weight gain, stretch marks or incontinence.

Options such as Kegel exercises don’t impact the soft tissue resting above the pelvic floor, are time consuming and have poor efficacy. Surgery can be painful, is invasive, with significant recovery, very costly and comes with the risk of serious complications. Obstetricians and gynaecologists (OB/GYNs) have had no proven solutions to offer, until now.

Viveve as the number 1 solution

A non-invasive, 30 minute office based treatment, with proven safety and efficacy, yet cost effective. 

The Viveve device utilises RF technology with a disposable tip to target the introitus – the crucial area that provides friction and tightness during sexual intercourse. Unlike other systems, Viveve utilises monopolar radiofrequency in order to obtain deeper penetration than bipolar RF, where the tissue responsible for vaginal laxity lies.

Heating of the submucosa and effective collagen remodelling is achieved, whilst the patient remains comfortable with the integrated cooling protecting the surface layers.

Hand Piece Voltage Rating

120VRMS / 170 V Peak

Treatment Level

1 setting at 90 Joules/cm2


15" W x 22" L x 15" H (38cm x 56cm x 38cm)


47 lb.(21.4kg)

Enclosure Material

Plastic and Aluminium

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