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Comfortable 10 minute treatment to reduce acne in 24 hours

  • Addresses multiple causes of acne in one session
  • Removes sebum, lightens redness, flattens lesions
  • Little to no pain
  • Fast 10 minute treatment, with 90% success rate

Give back the confidence to the 80% of 11-30 year olds suffering. Treat all skin types, treat those seeking natural remedies, treat those wanting assistance with their existing regimen.

Treatments: Active Acne

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Fast and Comfortable

The Theraclear handpiece first uses a vacuum to deeply cleanse the pore by extracting the blocked sebaceous material. Broadband light is then applied which targets porphryns, destroying the P. acne bacteria, reducing sebum production, and dramatically reducing the erythema (redness), and pigmentary changes associated with acne.

As a practitioner, you want to be able to offer an effective treatment that provides visible results in short time, in a lunchtime treatment. In a 10-15 minute session, you are able to treat all skin types with moderate to severe acne, resulting in immediate calming of lesions within 24-48 hours, and improvement of redness and brown discoloration associated with lesions.

Safer than Traditional Methods

For those who want to avoid dangerous medications, who want to add an additional treatment to their existing regimen, or improve the efficacy of oral and topical medicines, TheraClear gives the patient an option that can bring results independently, without traditional therapies, using vacuum and light.

In comparison to other treatments such as over the counter medications, antibiotics, Accutane and traditional laser that can produce side-effects from irritated/dry skin, to mood changes and birth defects, and take between 6 weeks to 6 months to produce results, TheraClear is a safer, more natural approach. For those patients not responding to oral and topical medicines, or for those who want to improve the efficacy of their existing regimen, the system can unblock and clear pathways for these medicines to penetrate deeper and more effectively.

Severe and Cystic Acne

TheraClear offers an additional Extraction Tip that uses a needle for severe/cystic acne. The tip is used to open access to lesions during vacuum, prior to applying broadband light.


400 nm – 1200 nm


Up to 30 J/cm2

Single Pulse

Up to 10 J/cm2

Double Pulse

Up to 20 J/cm2

Triple Pulse

Up to 30 J/cm2

Pulse Repetition Rate

Up to .5 hz

Single Pulse

Up to .5 hz

Double Pulse

Up to .5 hz

Triple Pulse

Up to .5 hz

Pulse Delay

500 ms – 1000 ms

Spot Size

Multiple: For different body geometries

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