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Device Consulting has been a leading medical technology provider since 1999, specialising in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We are proud to distribute the world’s leading manufacturers of laser, pulsed light, RF, microwave and plasma machines for use in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

Why choose us as partner in your next major clinical purchase?

Because we care about you finding the right device and gaining the skills and knowledge to use it both safely and for greatest efficacy, patient satisfaction and profitability. With over 20 years at the forefront of the medical device market, we know our stuff and we know clinics backwards.

And the difference shows.

Four reasons to choose us as partner in your next major clinical purchase:


Before first bringing a product to these markets, we must be assured that its quality and efficacy are such that it is at the forefront of its field. We insist that our clinical and service staff receive full manufacturer training so that we can guarantee optimal results from your device from day one and throughout its clinical life.


A Device Consulting partnership is an undertaking on our behalf to help you successfully launch and market your new device. Our Marketing Manager and Sales Managers are available to assist you and share the newest ideas and promotional marketing concepts.

Our Sales Managers know the medical-aesthetic markets backwards, and have gained a wealth of accumulated knowledge of what’s proven successful for others, and what pitfalls to avoid


We operate our own in-house engineering department to ensure your investment remains at peak performance. We insist our engineers receive full and ongoing manufacturer training in maintenance and repair of all our devices, so Device Consulting partners benefit from first-hand, state of the art knowledge.

Our engineers know how important the smooth operation of your device is to your practice and we’ll always respond in the timely manner you require.

A broad range of after-sales warranty/service packages are available in order to help minimise downtime.


Device also supports you with ongoing, lifelong, up-to-the-minute clinical user training tailored specifically for your equipment to guarantee you’re able to consistently achieve the best results for your patients.

We always ensure that you and your staff are provided with the latest clinical updates.

After-Sales Service

We operate a highly trained in-house engineering department to ensure your investment remains at peak performance.

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